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What is Complementary Healthcare?

Taking care of your health and wellbeing

Firstly, I think it's valuable to mention what complementary healthcare/therapies are & aren't. Although there is no universal definition for complementary healthcare, the terms "complementary" and "alternative" are often used interchangeably despite having different meanings.


Complementary - is precisely that - complementary. Any modality that falls under this umbrella is generally used alongside conventional or orthodox medicine. You can read more here


Alternative - is usually used instead of conventional or orthodox medicine and sometimes may include a complementary therapy. You can read more here


Working within my professional limitations and remit is one of my core values, and I'm bound to uphold these through my membership of professional & regulatory bodies. As a therapist, I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or offer to "cure" someone. 






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Caorann Complementary
Health & Wellbeing

Meet Amelia

What to expect

Your initial appointment will be slightly longer as we go through a complete medical history and discuss your current concerns, medication, general wellbeing, and lifestyle. This is a fundamental part of the process as it helps me to create the best treatment plan according to your needs and possible contraindications.

Your comfort and safety are always my priority regardless of the treatment; I will guide you through each step and check in on you throughout. There will be a few minutes afterwards to review any questions and your aftercare plan.

You are always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or worries. 


*Remember, complementary healthcare/therapies should never replace orthodox medicine. Please always consult your doctor for diagnosis and clinical care. Let your doctor or other healthcare professional know if you are receiving complementary healthcare/therapies.

Why Naturopathy

Complementary Therapies

Can help with

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Time Out

We all need time out from our busy schedules. I can offer 30-minute appointments to help boost your sense of wellbeing and give you some therapeutic time out.



Fatigue has numerous causes and presentations, which can be helped by complementary therapies. For example, reflexology can help improve sleep quality, which in turn can reduce fatigue.



Therapeutic touch can help to reduce anxiety through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and increasing the oxytocin response.



Good sleep is essential for our health. Treatments can induce deep relaxation and reduce symptoms contributing to poor sleep. Keeping a Sleep Diary is a good starting point in figuring out what's going on.



Complementary therapies have been shown to help reduce chronic and acute pain associated with different conditions and illnesses. Therapies can be used in conjunction with orthodox treatments to help reduce muscle tension and stress and focus away from pain, helping to improve the quality of life.



Stress is part of our daily lives, but prolonged stress can have a harmful physical and psychological impact. Complementary therapies can help reduce the stress response and induce relaxation.


“Hi Tracey,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my lovely reflexology treatment. I
didn’t expect to relax so deeply with how stressful life has been lately!
It was great to have some time out, the space you gave me combined with your gentle touch allowed my whole body & mind to slow down & reboot. I could really feel a difference in my tension levels-my neck & shoulder tension had just melted away.

Can’t wait till my next appointment.”

— Nicola C

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